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Who's Behind The Smart Runner?

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Larry G. Maguire, Ultramarathon Runner, & Endurance Coach

Hi, I'm Larry Maguire, ultramarathon runner and endurance coach from Dublin, Ireland. I created The Smart Runner for runners just like you where you can get accurate information to help you achieve your marathon goals.

Every week you can get exclusive content on the blog and podcast on Marathon Training, Marathon Nutrition and Positive Mindset.

Shed those stubborn pounds, reach a new marathon PB and develop the mindset necessary to help you reach your marathon running goals.

Check out below what we've got for you...

Marathon Training

Running long distance successfully requires endurance, strength & flexibility. Every week you can get tips and strategies on the blog and podcast to help you build endurance and stay injury free.

Marathon Nutrition

Nutrition is major part of the mix and getting it right is key to getting the most out of your body. Every week on the blog you'll get essential nutrition info to help your body deliver in training and on marathon day.

Marathon Mindset

Development of a positive mindset is perhaps the most essential element in successful long distance running. You'll learn how to cultivate a strong mind, allowing you maintain focus under pressure mile after mile.

Get Help In The Following Areas...

Shed Excess Fat

Shed The Fat

If you've been training hard for months or years and still can't shift the belly fat, you're not alone. Learn how to lose it once and for all.

Improve Your Time

Struggling too long to achieve a new PB? Get the training & nutrition advice you need to reach your best marathon time ever. 

Stay Focused

Strong habits and rituals are the foundation of marathon success. Learn how to stay on target and get the results you've been after.

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