The Writing Team

On The Smart Runner Blog we have a small team of writers dedicated to delivering you great content every week. Check out who’s writing for us and some of their recent contributions.

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Larry G. Maguire

Chief Writer, Editor

Larry is an ultramarathon runner, endurance coach and writer from Dublin Ireland where he lives with his wife Joanne and three children. Larry created The Smart Runner to help you reach your marathon goals and every week you can get new content on the blog and podcast on training, nutrition and positive mindset. Got your copy of the FREE 123 Marathon Training Tips yet?

Pascal Derrien

Contributing Author

Pascal Derrien is a typical recreational runner. He runs consistently anything from 10k to half of full marathons and can be quoted saying "I love the joy of running not the noise about running". His love for running is not exclusive as he has a mistress called cycling... What you will get from him is event reports and small bit of advice from a regular guy who does not have time to follow master plans.

Darren Horgan

Contributing Author

Contributing Author Darren is a normal guy who works a normal job and loves running (most of the time). He’s been running many years, has completed several marathons to date and offers his unique take on the marathons runner’s journey.