The Smart Runner Marathon Shop Launch [Lock In Your 10% Discount]

The Smart Runner Marathon Shop Launch

The Smart Runner will officially launch on 31st August 2016 and to coincide with the launch you can grab a 10% Lifetime Discount on purchases from the Marathon Shop.

We’re currently building the online marathon shop and negotiating deals with suppliers on a wide range of popular running brands. This one-off discount will be available on many ranges and individual items on the online shop including Garmin, Fitbit and other cool brands.

Nice one right?

The 10% Lifetime Discount offer will expire at 00:00 on August 31st and it will not be repeated. Join The Smart Runner Community and grab your never to be repeated 10% Lifetime Discount code.

Why An Online Marathon Shop?

What you’ll primarily get on The Smart Runner is quality information on Training, Nutrition & Mindset to help you reach your marathon goals, but we reckon you like cool gear too.

The bottom line is I love gadgets, and I think you do too. I love to write and share what I’ve learned about running, so coupling those elements with my time in business and Joanne’s 10 years in adventure sports retail, we think we can offer you a great service.

Of course we’ll let you guys be the judge of that, but we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to supply you with the right gear for your training and events.


We’ll be taking a closer look at new products for you and publishing regular reviews here on the blog both on products we stock and those we don’t, endeavoring always to be as impartial as possible.

Speaking of impartiality, we’re looking for your guys to review products too, so how about it? If you’re interested in getting your nerd on and telling your running friends all about your gadgets and running gear we’d love to have you!

If you’d like to submit an idea you can apply here to write for us.

Pricing & Service

We always try to give you the best pricing we can, and chances are we’ll be very competitive. But there will be times when you’ll find the same product cheaper elsewhere.

So here’s how we’ll try to offer you value;

  • Exclusive member only discounts & monthly offers.
  • Members only area where you can access training material and guides
  • Full refund if you’re not happy for any reason (I mean it – any reason!).
  • Returns collection if you require it.
  • Free delivery in 32 counties (Standard post to Ireland & Northern Ireland).
  • Package insurance if you require it.
  • One to one customer service. We’re a small team so you’ll always get either me, Joanne or one of our admin staff to assist you. Oh yeah, and we’re all based in Ireland.

Here’s some other great stuff you can look forward to;

Be sure to check out the Marathon Running Shop on 31st August to see what we’ve built. Although you might be able to get a peek now, there’s not a whole pile to see yet. 🙂

Here’s one last thing…

We’re working on a once off Giveaway promotion with one of our suppliers at the moment. I can’t tell you much more right now but suffice to say it’s a freebie and it’s pretty cool indeed.

Keep your earballs on the blog and on your inbox and I’ll tell you about it as soon as we’ve got things boxed off.

See you guys soon!


DON’T FORGET! The 10% Lifetime Discount offer will expire at 00:00 on August 31st and it will not be repeated. Join The Smart Runner Community and grab your never to be repeated 10% Lifetime Discount code.

2 thoughts on “The Smart Runner Marathon Shop Launch [Lock In Your 10% Discount]

  1. Right Larbo,

    Caesin or whey protein or both for runners? What do you think? My very very limited knowledge is that whey more or less is fast release while caesin is slow release best taken at night which can aid recovery after those long miles. What do you think?

    1. Howya Paddy,

      Most advice will be towards whey protein, but my understanding is that casein can afford some benefit too. In recent times I’ve adopted a natural and clean approach and not bothered with either. I’ll down a couple raw free range eggs before I’ll drink a protein shake. However, if I’m stuck on the side of a mountain I’ll drink it if it’s all I have 🙂

      Here’s my philosophy on nutrition right now… If it’s made by big business or some sister company of a big pharma outlet then it’s reasonable to suggest that they do not have my well being top of their agenda. Good marketing sells bad products.

      The truth (for me) about mass produced protein supplements (or any other supplement) is that no matter who makes it, the raw material has been fucked with waaaay to much to be of benefit. So they add loads of lab produced material to make up for it. It’s fake food at it’s best. You know whey and casein are the by-products of milk production? The dairy industry creamed themselves (pardon the pun lol) when they figured out a way to make major dollar from stuff they were throwing out.

      Makes you think….

      Rule of thumb for me: If it comes in a packet with an ingredients list then don’t eat it. Here’s how I’m eating these days;

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