EP009 23 First Time Marathon Tips: How To Ensure A Successful Marathon Day

23 First Time Marathon Tips Dublin City Marathon

So there’s a week or thereabouts to go to your first Dublin City Marathon. And today on the podcast I’ve got 23 First Time Marathon Tips to help you put the final touches to your preparation. Preparation for marathon day is the key to your success and now is the time to focus in on the finer details. Everything you’ve prepared for could be jeopardised if you fail to cover the essential elements. Check it out!

EP008 How To Taper For Dublin City Marathon [+FREE DCM Preparation Guide]

How To Taper For Dublin City Marathon + FREE Guide

Getting your taper for Dublin City Marathon right is important. Maintaining a high weekly mileage too close to marathon day will likely leave you depleted and no doubt take from your ability to perform to your best. So backing off the mileage, staying loose and keeping a positive mindset in the final couple of weeks needs to be in your plan. But how should you prepare in the final few weeks before the marathon?