EP011 How To Ensure Consistent Motivation For Training

How To Ensure Consistent Motivation For Training

Maintaining Consistent Motivation For Training

This week on The Smart Runner Podcast we’re talking how to maintain steady and consistent motivation for training. Dark cold nights are creeping in and the thoughts of having to leave the house to train in the cold and rain is not very appealing is it?

Sure, there are times when we need to ease off, but how do we keep motivation for training on those winter nights when we’d rather stay in with our feet up, cuppa tea and House of Cards on Netflix?

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This week we are talking motivation. It’s tough sometimes, you’ve just got in from work, the fire is lit, your dinner is hot and it’s freezing outside. Your motivation for training is in your boots!

Well, there’s somethings that can help make your mind up in the right direction. Check out these few tips for staying motivated to train consistently and reach your goals.

#1 Join, or Form A Group Or Club

When it’s just you training, maintaining focus can be difficult, so consider joining or forming a small group who can train together regularly. If you don’t want to join the local athletics club that’s ok, get a few friends together and make a commitment to each other to meet weekly hail, rain or shine.

#2 Keep Daily Stats

Although shunned by some “weight-loss” solutions, keeping daily stats can help keep you motivated as you see fat loss increase and other stats hit the desired target. When I’m in full flight I keep stats every day to help keep me motivated.

#3 Get An Accountability Partner

Sometimes we are all too willing to accept our own excuses. An accountability partner can be a great motivator when you are trying to hit a running goal. They will keep you on your toes and rarely accept excuses!

#4 Keep A Journal

Keeping a daily journal of how you felt and your progress in training can be very beneficial in keeping you motivated towards your goal. Look back on previous months and see how far you’ve come.

#5 Get A Personalised Training Plan

Cut and paste training plans can work for more advanced runners, but for beginners and most recreational runners they are like staring at rocket building schematics! A personalised plan tailored to your needs might be just what you need to stay motivated.

#6 Hire A Coach For 3 Months

Coaches can see things us runners can not, and hiring one if only for a short term, can be the difference in us reaching our goals and not. It will mean parting with cash but it can shorten the road to achieving a goal by months or even years.

#7 Enter A Written Contract With Yourself

Open Word on your computer and write out exactly what you wish to achieve. State it in the present tense and outline what you are doing to get there. Then print it off, sign it and stick it to the wall where you can see it every day.

#8 Make A Financial Commitment

There’s few motivational tactics that work like parting with cash for a potential return. When you have skin in the game it can make a big difference. Purchasing a specific training plan rather than using a free one online could make all the difference.

#9 Include Intermediate Stage Goals

Set some target along your road to the big goal. With the marathon for example, add a 10k event and a half marathon event during your training as smaller goals to focus on the way.

#10 Reward Yourself

After you hit your intermediate goals, reward yourself for hitting them. This reinforces the behaviour and makes it more likely that you’ll keep up the good work.


Larry Maguire is an AAI Certified Endurance Coach working with all grades of runners from beginner to ambitious recreational athletes to elite athletes. Get in touch with Larry to arrange an assessment and a training plan designed specifically for you.

2 thoughts on “EP011 How To Ensure Consistent Motivation For Training

  1. Great podcast Larry, Thanks.
    Just your comment at the end about staying safe while running got me thinking. I’m a female runner and I’m just wondering does other female or male runners feel nervous doing there early morning runs or late night ones. I used to do some great hill training off track and since the dark nights came in I haven’t went near them. I am missing them terrible but wondering does other Runner’s comprise on some parts of training in the winter?

    1. Hi Paula, thanks for the compliment! Glad you like the show.

      My wife runs and she reckons she’ll never run in the park when it’s dark unless she’s with a friend. I think that’s good policy. Maybe stick to the roads at night if you run solo.

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