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Larry Maguire Endurance Running Coach

Hi, I'm Larry Maguire, Endurance Running Coach.

Struggling To Improve Your Marathon Time?

Well struggle no more! Whatever your experience level, I can help you get fitter, leaner, stronger and faster with a personalised training plan and 1-2-1 Marathon Coaching.

A Short Message From Me...

Here's Just Some Of The Ways I Can Help You

Get Faster & Score Your New PB

Been running the same time for years? Well, now it's time to up the pace! With Marathon Coaching you'll get a training plan designed to help you steadily build pace and break through that old PB.

Online running coach strength training dumbbell

Build Endurance, Strength & Flexibility

You realise endurance is a key to marathon success. But running long and slow alone is unlikely to get you results. I'll build you a custom plan to become a fitter, stronger, more agile runner.

online running coach perfect your nutrition

Perfect Your Nutrition & Lose Fat

Nutrition is one of the single most important keys to improving your marathon performance. I'll show you how to perfect your nutrition, shed excess body fat and fuel your body for marathon day success.

Why should you work with Larry?

Larry Maguire is an AAI Certified Endurance Coach with years of marathon running experience to offer. Take a look at just a few reasons why working with Larry can get you where you want to go.

Larry Maguire Endurance Coach with Stevey McGeown and Colm Fearon at Gosford Park

Larry with friends Stevey McGeown & Colm Fearon during 100 Marathons 100 Days in 2015.

  • Larry is a certified Athletics Assoc. of Ireland Endurance Coach
  • He has completed over 80 marathons, ultras & 24 hour events
  • Larry has over 12 years running experience to share
  • Coaching is delivered in line with the AAI Coaching Pathway
  • All athletes protected through Larry's professional insurance
  • You get Larry's 100% money back guarantee

"Let's work together and finally get the results you've been seeking..."

The Benefits Of 1-2-1 Marathon Coaching

With 1-2-1 Marathon Coaching you'll get an entire training system including strength, nutrition & technical running elements tailored to your specific level of fitness and experience.

Correct Poor Form

With small tweaks to your technique you'll notice big gains in performance in a short time.

Improve Your Pace

You want a better time right? With a personalised plan you'll get a new PB guaranteed!

Increase Strength

You'll become a stronger runner and you'll see your running performance progress quickly.

Improve Flexibility

You'll notice your flexibility improve significantly, ensuring you remain injury free.

Develop Endurance

Feeling the pinch at mile 22? Well no more! You'll develop the endurance for the full 26.2

Recover Quicker

Quick recovery from hard sessions is vital. You'll learn how to effect a faster recovery.

Perfect Your Diet

Struggling with diet? Well no longer! Get the right nutrition info to aid strong performance.

Trim Excess Fat

Excess body fat will slow you down, that's certain. You'll learn how to shed it once and for all.

Look & Feel Better

As your results improve you'll begin to build confidence in your own ability.

Sounds great, but can you really help me get the results I want?

"The short answer is YESBut I should warn you, it's not all sunshine and roses. You will need to be committed and consistent to see results. However, working with me you'll have a BIG ADVANTAGE... I will hold you accountable, and if you stick to the plan, I PROMISE you will see measureable improvements in every aspect of your running." - Larry

What Does Marathon Coaching Cost?

Marathon Coaching will cost you time, commitment, and a small monthly monetary investment in yourself. Once you are committed, you'll get the results you've been after, I guarantee it. (NOTE: COVID-19 Restrictions apply)


Suitable for self motivated athletes

Online Coaching

  • Block Training Plan
  • Scaled  Mileage
  • Race Specific Training
  • Form & Technique Drills
  • Strength & Mobility Drills
  • Specific Warmup Drills
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Email Access
  • 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions
  • Initial Assessment
  • Group Coaching Session

€147 €97/mth

All prices include EU Vat


Suitable for ambitious recreational athletes

Personal Coaching

  • 1-2-1 Consultation
  • Initial Assessment
  • Weekly Mileage Plan
  • Race Specific Training
  • Form & Technique Drills
  • Strength & Mobility Plan
  • Warmup Cool Down Drills
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Email & Phone Access
  • Monthly Plan Revision
  • 1 Private Coaching Session

€247 €197/mth

All prices include EU Vat


Suitable for ambitious elite athletes

Elite Coaching

  • 1-2-1 Consultation
  • Initial Assessment
  • Weekly Mileage Plan
  • Race Specific Training
  • Form & Technique Drills
  • Strength & Mobility Plan
  • Warmup/Cool Down Drills
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Email & Phone Access
  • Weekly Plan Revision
  • 4 Private Coaching Session


All prices include EU Vat

Here's What Others Are Saying...

Eddie Mulgrew - Businessman

Larry's attention to detail is excellent...

”Larry is one of most authentic guys I know. He genuinely cares that you see results and his attention to detail is excellent. I've been working with his strength & conditioning material now and I've seen big improvements.”

I highly recommend Larry as your coach...

“I would highly recommend Larry as your running coach. He is the man who inspired me to start running marathons and subsequently, run 100 marathons in 100 days in 2015."

Steven McGeown - Ultra Runner
Ger Kirwin - Marathon Runner

I have to class information...

“I have to say, top class information. I'm in for the marathon again and sick of not achieving my dream time of [sub] 3 hours. So your stuff could be the key I was looking for"

Here's How To Reserve Your Coaching Place

Reserving your place is really easy. Check out how it works and apply below.

1. First thing to do is click on any of the big red "Reserve" buttons on this page.

2. You'll then be brought to the purchase page to make your payment.

3. You'll then get an email receipt from me with a link to "complete your athlete profile".

4. Once you "submit the form" I'll contact you within 24 hrs to arrange your initial consultation.

5. You start your journey to a fitter, stronger, faster you!

Client Bonus: All coaching clients receive access to Premium Membership content on The Smart Runner (Nice right!).  

100% Money Back NO RISK Guarantee

Larry G. Maguire Profile Relaxed Square

"I want to make sure you're 100% comfortable before stepping into coaching with me, so I'll guarantee you'll get the results you're after or I'll give you your money back. Simply request a full refund within 30 days no questions asked. Here's the catch... I've only 15  1-2-1 coaching places available (Online Coaching is unlimited), so you need to act now. Click the big red button below to reserve your spot." - Larry

"Don't wait any longer, take action & get the results you deserve."

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