The Smart Runner Launch Day Competition

The Smart Runner Launch Competition

Today is the launch day for The Smart Runner. It’s been 10 weeks since we decided to go live with the concept and even though it was a tight time frame we’ve managed to get everything up and running (most things anyway!). To celebrate the launch, we’re running a special competition where you can get in with a chance to win over €320 in prizes.

I’ll tell you more about that in a bit, but first I want to tell you what The Smart Runner is all about and what you can expect on a weekly basis and over the coming months.

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What’s The Smart Runner About?

We created The Smart Runner website as an online resource for marathon runners. Whether you are experienced or just starting your marathon journey, you’ll find resources here to assist you reach your goals.

The content on the site is focused in three main areas – Training, Nutrition & Positive Mindset.

Primarily, the site is about providing solutions to common problems you guys experience. Whether your goal is to lose fat, get a faster time, better your endurance, improve your diet or establish new and better habits, The Smart Runner is for you.

The content comes to you in the form of weekly articles on the blog and podcast shows where I’ll be bringing you interviews, advice from experts and strong opinion from yours truly. Just so you’re aware, the odd piece of colourful language gets in there so if you’ve sensitive earballs then it may not be for you!

We have also built the marathon shop where you can check out GPS watches, accessories and spare parts from brand such as Garmin and Fitbit.

Weekly Articles

Every Tuesday morning you can get a new article covering a popular marathon running subject. We go on a three week rotation featuring items on Training, Nutrition & Mindset so you can look forward to a different subject every week.

When you sign up to The Smart Runner Community I’ll send you that article straight to your inbox, so you’ll get it before anyone else.

I always like to offer a sensible and balanced approach to training and nutrition, although you may not always agree with me. And that’s to be expected so make sure you have your say by posting a comment.

I always encourage you to offer your opinion whether you agree or not. Dialogue is good!

Check out this week’s article from the blog

A Strength Training Program For Runners That Will Get You Results [Guaranteed]

Weekly Podcast

Every Thursday you can grab a new podcast episode on The Smart Runner Podcast available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and Soundcloud as well as a host of other podcasting platforms. So no matter what app you use, you’ll be able to get the show. (Accessible from Thursday onwards).

We’ll have interviews with inspirational people, advice from experts, featured events and just a bit of monologue from yours truly. Listen to the show on your trip home from work or on one of your long runs.

I have some really interesting things to share with you so wherever you decide to listen I can guarantee that you’ll get value from every episode.

Don’t forget to subscribe and review on iTunes too! That bit is important so we can reach more marathon runners just like you.

Marathon Running Events

No matter where you are in Ireland or the UK, there’s almost a marathon event on every weekend. If there’s one thing for sure we aren’t starved of choice when it comes to marathons.

So on the blog and podcast we intend to bring you news of upcoming events that we think you will enjoy. If you run an event or affiliated with one and want to see it featured please get in touch and let me know.

We’ve got our own marathon event in the pipeline too, where all proceeds will be donated to The Laura Maguire Foundation, a non profit children’s organisation that my sister Deirdre, Stevey McGeown and I set up in 2013.

How about an annual marathon running seminar? We’re in the very early stages of planning an event where you can get to meet with several well known and experienced running experts all in the one place.

This is likely to be a one day event so stay tuned for more on that.

Premium Members Area

Another project we’re working on, although in the very early stages, is the private members area. The content we produce for free on the blog and podcast will help you, that’s for sure. But many of you will be looking for more personalised information.

No matter how well intended, articles don’t address your singular specific needs, so that’s why a private members area tailored to you is a good idea.

Imagine having some of the following premium resources available to you for the price of one latté per week?

  • Instructional Training Videos
  • Private Training Plans
  • Weekly Tailored Recipe Plans
  • Nutrition Advice from Professionals
  • Injury Recovery Plans
  • Weekly Shopping List
  • Private Live Webinars
  • Weekly Meetups Offline
  • One To One Coaching

We’ll be working on this platform for you over the next few months so keep an eye on your inbox for more.

The Launch Competition

The Smart Runner Launch Prize Featured Image
The Smart Runner Launch Prize

Ok, finally, the juicy stuff!

We’re giving away some really cool stuff in this prize, we hope you’ll agree. Here’s what you can win;

Nice right?

Here’s How It Works

  1. Go to the Competition Page (it’s live now!)
  2. Answer the crazy simple question
  3. Confirm your entry in email you receive
  4. Grab your lucky share url in the following confirmation email
  5. Share your lucky share url and get 5 More Entries every time one of your friends enters via your link.

Bottom line is the more you share your special link, the more entries you get. We’ll announce the winner next week and the prize will be awarded within 30 days. There are some conditions in place so make sure you check those out.


Don’t forget to share your lucky url! Best of luck!


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