EP003 Interview With Gerry Duffy, Speaker, Author & Athlete

Gerry Duffy Interview The Smart Runner Podcast

Interview With Gerry Duffy

In the third episode of The Smart Runner Podcast I’m having chats with businessman, speaker, results coach, author and endurance athlete Gerry Duffy.

Gerry is known for completing 32 marathons in 32 days in 2010 and winning the Enduroman event in the UK in 2011. He is an author and international speaker.

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In 2010 Gerry Duffy and Ken Whitelaw completed 32 consecutive marathons in 32 days, one in each county of Ireland. Despite some challenges they manage to raise over €500k for autism services in Ireland.

The following summer Gerry Duffy completed and won the Enduroman Deca Marathon event in the UK and set himself up as a prominent speaker on the subject of personal and business achievement.

However, there was a time when Gerry Duffy was playing well below his potential. At age 27 found himself addicted to cigarettes, several stone overweight and working a job that did not stimulate him.

He realised he needed to change his life and so began his journey to fitness and competition. Years of dedication to sport and fitness has made Gerry a household name and a sought after international speaker.

He now works extensively in Ireland, UK and US with private individuals and businesses helping them reach their potential and achieve their goals.

I hooked up with Gerry for chats in September 2014 before our 100 marathons campaign.  We had some interesting conversation about personal development, marathon running and achievement of personal and business goals.


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