EP006 How To Overcome Negative Thoughts On Marathon Day

How To Overcome Negative Thoughts On Marathon Day

This week on The Smart Runner Podcast I’m taking a look at how to overcome negative thoughts. It’s something that many of you have told me you struggle with so I hope this simple system will help. Negative thinking will have a detrimental effect on your performance no matter how experienced or talented you are. So the aim of this episode is to offer you a daily practice to help you overcome negative thoughts and re-direct your mind towards achieving of your marathon goals.

Mental Training For Athletes: How To Think Your Way To Marathon Success

Mental Training For Athletes

In this week’s Tuesday article on The Smart Runner we’re taking a look at Mental Training For Athletes and the vital role mental conditioning plays in performance. Is there merit to “thinking your way” to a top performance? Is it even possible or is this some kind of new age nonsense¬†you need to steer clear […]