Strength Training Exercises For Runners: 8 Of The Best Drills You Need To Be Using

The Best Strength Training Exercises For Runners

Today on The Smart Runner Blog we’re looking at 8 of the best strength training exercises for runners. Once practiced daily, these strength exercises will help you stay at your best and injury free. Looking for effective strength training exercises for runners? Below I’m going to introduce you to a few strength training exercises that every runner should […]

How To Fix Runner’s Knee & Other Nasty Running Knee Injuries

How To Fix Runner's Knee

In the training article this week we’re going to look at how to fix runner’s knee. We’ll look at what the causes for this type of injury are, and how to successfully recover from this often very painful running injury. Struggling to figure out how to fix runner’s knee? If you’ve ever suffered with runner’s knee then […]