What's The Smart Runner All About?

We're creating content to help marathon runners just like you, improve your marathon training, nutrition and mindset and achieve your marathon running goals.

Who Is Behind The Smart Runner?

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Larry G. Maguire, Ultramarathon Athlete & Endurance Coach

Hi, my name is Larry Maguire, ultramarathon runner and endurance coach from Dublin, Ireland. I created The Smart Runner to be a reliable resource for both beginner and advanced marathon runners just like you. It's a place where you can get access to reliable & impartial information in three main areas - Marathon Training, Marathon Nutrition and Marathon Mindset.

I believe these three elements are like three legs on a stool. Where we find balance in all three, we maintain stability and we succeed in reaching our marathon running goals.

My hope is that the information you get here on the site helps you maintain your balance. Check out below what we have for you


We're big on strength, conditioning and flexibility. We believe these elements are an essential part of marathon training so you'll get a lot of content on these topics. We'll also deliver you speed and endurance training to help you reach your goals.


As mentioned above, nutrition is one of the three legs on the marathon stool, and getting it right is key to getting the most out of your body. Every week on the blog we'll be covering essential nutrition info to help your body deliver on marathon day.


Mindset is perhaps the most critical element to develop if you want to achieve success running long distance. The content we create will help you cultivate a strong mind, allowing you maintain focus under pressure mile after mile.

Online Shop

I love gadgets and gear, how about you? I bet you do! So we're building an online store full of top brand runner gear and equipment. You'll be able to get technology from Garmin and Fitbit to start and we're adding more brands for you regularly.

Here's Some Of The Things You Can Get Help With

Shed Excess Fat

Shed The Fat

Most of us struggle with excess body fat despite training hard and trying to eat a healthy diet. So what gives? On The Smart Runner you'll have access to information, once applied will deliver you the body image results you're looking for.

Improve Your Time

Want to shave a chunk off your best finish time or achieve a great time in your first event? Use the tactics you'll learn on The Smart Runner and apply them in your preparation to achieve your marathon time goals.

Stay Focused

Developing strong habits and rituals are the foundation of marathon success. Stay on target and stay motivated with weekly content on The Smart Runner designed to help you stay on point and get results.

Free Weekly Articles On The Blog

Every week on the blog you'll get articles to help you achieve your marathon goals

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