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Premium members get access to the full library of training videos plus future additions and upgrades. You’re not locked in, cancel anytime.

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The Smart Runner Premium Membership

Premium Membership at The Smart Runner is only €14 per month and allows you access the full library of training videos and all future additions and upgrades to the library. You’ll also get access to all our PDF guides and downloads in a single convenient place plus FREE Weekly Training fresh every Monday.

Here’s What’s In The Video Library

  • Strength Training Videos
  • Flexibility Exercises
  • Form & Technique Exercises
  • Specific Running Warmup Drills
  • Stability & Range of Movement Drills
  • Dynamic Stretching Routines

The FREE Weekly Training

Every Monday morning you’ll get an email from me with a link to a brand new 20 min training video outlining your training for the coming week. Here’s what’s included;

  • 15 minute Instructional Video
  • Run Technique Focus
  • Warmup Drill
  • Strength & Flexibility Drill
  • Detailed 7 Day Workout PDF

Every workout week is different allowing you to develop your body beyond the linear profile of straight line running. Therefore increasing your strength, flexibility, range of movement and overall durability.

“So what!” You might say…. Well, that all equals a faster you. 🙂


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