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Whether you have previous marathon experience or you're just starting out, The Smart Runner will help you pre-pave your way to marathon day with a structured marathon training plan. Get the advice you need achieve your marathon goal.


An optimal marathon training diet should not be about sacrificing the foods you love. Get practical food advice from The Smart Runner to suit your busy lifestyle while allowing you fuel your body to achieve optimal marathon performance.


When the chips are down and you're in the race, the difference between success and failure is your state of mind. Mind is the most influential success factor. Learn how to cultivate your mind for marathon success with The Smart Runner.

Shed The Fat

Shed The Fat

Most of us struggle with excess body fat despite training hard and trying to eat a healthy diet. So what gives? On The Smart Runner you'll have access to information, once applied will deliver you the body image results you're looking for.

Improve Your Time

Want to shave a chunk off your best finish time or achieve a great time in your first event? Use the tactics you'll learn on The Smart Runner and apply them in your preparation to achieve your marathon time goals.

Stay On Target

Developing strong habits and rituals are the foundation of marathon success. Stay on target and stay motivated with weekly content on The Smart Runner designed to help you stay on point and get results.

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